1994 The untold story

Give Away! 1994: The Untold Story Audio book!

F1 1994

1994: The untold Story is one of those few books you need to have in your bookshelf, as I’m currently still completing the review of it. The book gives an good insight of the 1994 season with all it’s controversies and tragic events happening during the season. Was the Benetton B194 from Schumacher different from its teammates? You can all read it in the book.

Recently Ibrar published the audio book of 1994: The untold Story. For the people who have troubles with reading, or who are just lazy to pick up a book, this could be me! For those who prefer the audio book, or like to give it away as a presenter for their loved once. Ibrar himself spoke In the audio book an easy and relaxing voice to listen to if you ask me.

To promote the new audio book of 1994: The untold Story, together with Ibrar, I am able to do several giveaways for the audio book. What do you need to do for it? Well that’s easy. With the coming blogs that will be released there will be an audio sample added, and a question related to the audio sample.

All you have to do is listen the audio sample and send the answer by mail towards Ibrar. Please write down in the email the place you live and you saw the giveaway via unracedf1.com.  The audio file can be listened below.
The question you have to answer is; What website did the Charlie Whiting quote come from?

If you want to buy the audio book instead, the book is available via audiobooks.com and estories.com via their initial trial period.

Please also note the audio version has only 50% of the print book content, as it is impossible to convert Telemetry, traces and key images into audio. As a result, the price for the audio book is 50% of the printed version. For the better experience, of course I would recommend the printed version.  If an E-book will appear, is the question, due piracy these days it is not assumable the E-Book for 1994: The untold Story will appear.