20 years of F1 Challenge 99-02

It’s 20 years ago when EA Sports published F1 Challenge 99-02. Their newest Formula One game, and for a long time their last one. Lacking the license for the 2003 season the company decided to make the game as it became. Having the licenses for four season (1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002) somewhat of a career could be made with the game. The game became instantly popular within the modding
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Formula One gaming in the 2000s

There was a time when Formula One games where not all about fancy arcade racing and perfect graphics. But all about modding and the best setup for your car to get the best results on the track, to play online to others and see you have the complete wrong setup and lose your temper and start to race offline against the AI’s. Those days are long gone but for many