Projects 1895 - 1919

Unraced Projects 1894 (last update 07-10-18)

The earliest years of Grand Prix racing is the most difficult to find information about. 1894 is officially seen as the first year a Grand Prix(better said contest) was held Paris-Rouen, though in 1887 the first contest was organized when the first successfully gasoline-fuelled automobiles were build. As only Georges Bouton appeared as contester, we can’t call this the first race.  This is why Paris-Rouen is seen as the first

Manchester hosted the first car race in 1867

Many of us know that the first car race was held on 22nd July 1894, the race was from Paris to Rouen and it was organized by the Parisian magazine Le Petit Journal. Over 100 competitors applied for the race and following it, many more races would follow during the first few years of motor sport up until the turn of the century. However evidence suggests that this wasn’t in