Unraced Projects 1894 (last update 07-10-18)

Projects 1895 - 1919

The earliest years of Grand Prix racing is the most difficult to find information about. 1894 is officially seen as the first year a Grand Prix(better said contest) was held Paris-Rouen, though in 1887 the first contest was organized when the first successfully gasoline-fuelled automobiles were build. As only Georges Bouton appeared as contester, we can’t call this the first race.  This is why Paris-Rouen is seen as the first contest.

It is possible that some of the entrance or cars aren’t unraced at all in the 1894 list, it is hard to discover which are and which aren’t.  The information is 99% based on the entry list and digitalized old papers. So if you have more information feel free to share!

Rousselet with start number 1 from Paris (powered by Gravity?)
No more info available.

Edouard Pellorce with start number 2
Edouard Pellorce from Neuilly-sur-Seine paid the 10-franc entrée fee to enter the contest Paris-Rouen. His home-build car was probably powered by an 1HP De Dion engine. No more info available.

Le Maitre with start number 5
Le Maitre was an Entrant/manufacturer from Paris that applied for the contest with a Steam-engine powered car probably a vis a vis concept. No more info available.

Roussat with start number 6 from Paris powered by Hydraulic?
No more info available

Hidien with start number 8
Hidien was an entrant/manufacturer from Châteauroux that applied for the contest with steam-engine powered car. No more info available.

Popp with start number 9
Victor Popp was an entrant/manufacturer from Paris that applied for the contest with air compressor. No more info available.

Tenting with start number 12
Tenting was an entrant/manufacturer from Paris who failed to qualify his car for contest. With a petrol powered car. He is probably the first who scored a DNQ.

Quantio with start number 16
Quantio was an entrant/manufacturer from Roubaix that applied for the contest with an petroleum powered car.