1895 – Times-Herald Contest

Unraced 1894 - 1899

As happened multiple time back in the early days of Motor sports, many cars attended an race but just a few would enter the race. One of these races was the Times-Herald Contest. During the Times-Herald Contest held on the 28th of November 1895 in Chicago, there were 31 entries listed. Though only six of these did appear at the start.

The track was only 87KM long, due heavy snowing they had to reduce the distance of the race.
The winner of this race was J. Frank Duryea who enter the race with an “Duryea Motor Wagon”. He completed the race in 8 Hours and 23 minutes, about 10,4mph.
Number two was Oscar Mueller with an “Mueller Benz”. He completed the race in 8 Hours and 52 minutes, about 10mph.

Duryea and Mueller where the only one who did finish the race. Though for unknown reasons both drivers got disqualified afterwards.
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