De regen in SPA en de raketten in Jeddah

Dit weekend werd de Saudische Grand Prix weer verreden op het stratencircuit van Jeddah. U weet wel, diezelfde Grand Prix waarbij vorig jaar op 5 december het Saudische regime besloot om onschuldige Jemenieten kapot te bombarderen tijdens de race. Vele van jullie hielden je afzijdig. Velen van jullie wisten het niet eens. Op vrijdag explodeerde […]

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The Joke is on you Ca$h App Stake kick F1 Racing Team whatever

The joke is on you! Perhaps the joke is on me! I have no fucking clue what has happened since the end of the 2023 season. Teams changing their names to these unfamiliar and uninteresting composed unknown. Whatever has happened with the names we used to know them? Like Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro or West McLaren […]

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Weekly column 4: WeSayNoToSaudiArabia

It is called the weekly column though i’m aware it is far from a weekly column. Whenever I feel like it, I will write one. Mostly about topics, I’m discussing about, worrying about or just have an opinion about to share. Those who follow UnracedF1 as well on the socials aren’t surprised for this time […]

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Some random 2021 predictions

In three weeks, the 2021 season will start in Bahrain.  2020 brought us a beautiful season besides the cars are horrible to look at. New tracks, driver switches, insane races and of course, a bit boring, Lewis Hamilton became the world champion. Therefore, it is time to bring up some predictions for the 2021 season, […]

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