Weekly column 4: WeSayNoToSaudiArabia


It is called the weekly column though i’m aware it is far from a weekly column. Whenever I feel like it, I will write one. Mostly about topics, I’m discussing about, worrying about or just have an opinion about to share. Those who follow UnracedF1 as well on the socials aren’t surprised for this time its about WeSayNoToSaudiArabia. The last weeks my involvement intensified with this campaign against the Grand Prix at Jeddah. The Grand Prix I, and with me several more, will boycott.

I believe the WeSayNoToSaudiArabia tag appeared during the incident with our Russian crown prince Mazepin. When he was playing with his friend in the car. Many were upset, distressed and eventually tried to cancel the crown prince. My opinion about this was as always different from most of yours.  Though I found out that many of you, who normally disagree did agree with me on WeSayNoToSaudiArabia.

The only problem is, many seem not to dare to speak badly about the regime in Saudi Arabia. I haven’t seen many mainstream or well-known F1 news site that were critical on the country. In my country, well-respected drivers even spoke positive about the Grand Prix. How the Formula 1 unites and opens the door for reformation. Jeddah would show how the future for Saudi Arabia would look like. Magnificent words from people I used to believe though I have my question marks at.

As said, I was surprised there were many of you who agreed with my opinion as well that we should not race in Jeddah. The reasons are simple. Human rights don’t exist there, there is no freedom of speech, religion, relationship and so on. Gay people get thrown from buildings or hands are chopped off. Journalists who are critical get arrested were they get beaten and abused and to be forgotten. Same counts for critical people. Humanitarian workers and so on. If you don’t believe this you might take a look at the accounts of Areej Al Sadhan and Lina Alhathloul on twitter, you will be shocked.

The regime is promising many changes however, there is only a few development going on. People who want to demonstrate will be arrested and disappear. Where we have in Iran the Woman’s revolution currently happening, which no one seems to give a shit about? It’s the reason why we should ask ourselves what the heck we are going to race there.

The answer is simple with Armaco as one of the main sponsors of the Formula One the coming years. As well, the so called good relationship with the west is another reason besides the we are transforming to a free country nonsense. The reality is the opposite, we, as community should not fall for the false promises. Would you agree to race as well in North Korea in the streets of Pyongyang? You would probably freak out and burn down the socials how bad it would be to race there.

I still don’t see many response from us fans regarding Jeddah. Why are those so called dedicated journalists, influencers and so on not sharing the real deal? I blame the F1 drivers in this as well. They are all for equality #WeRaceAsOne was introduced last year. However, no bad word has been spoke about the Saudi Grand Prix. I haven’t seen any drivers with WeSayNoToSaudiArabia or a different tag. Where people like Lina are trying to have Lewis Hamilton reacting to the situation I’m trying to move us fans, our proud community, to make a big fucking fist. However, it seems people are just accepting it.

What I hear from many as well is the fact that I’m against the Saudi’s though I’m a supporter of the Turkish Grand Prix. Some think it means I agree with the regime in Turkey. While if you just ask my opinion about that you know my views. It obviously goes for Russia, China, Magyarország and so on.  When I tell them or you, why not to start their own #WeSayNoToCountryName there is no response nor any action. To be fair it is shady and useless to point me on the fact I’m not acting against the others. Which I did for the Azerbaijani Grand Prix earlier this year.

All I hope is that people who even have more influence are picking up the reality of what is going on in this world, and join the movement as well to change the mind of Jean Todt, Stefano Domenicali and Ross Brawn. Only if it’s just to start the dialogue.

Perhaps when this dialogue is happening real changes can be accomplished in the country. However, this can only be a future when the country is really there open up for anyone. That’s something i won’t believe will even happen. As long the humanity situation improves, there is no reason for me to watch this Grand Prix.