In April this year, the Italian magazine Autosprint published an article about Matteo Renzi. Stating he was in speaking terms with the Saudi crown prince Bin Salman. Planning to enter the F1 with a Saudi sponsored F1 car for the last two races in 2021. Posted in their satiric column called “The Folbert”. Several, so-called clickbait, website took over the news instantly. There my idea came to come up with this clickbait list.

Don’t you worry if you have a website and you get some of your financial income from the sponsor links on your site. I totally understand that, and it is not my intention to annoy you with this list. The costs for keeping a website up and running can become high. This list is pure for the websites that don’t do their own research and simply copy past the news from other websites.

That’s the reason why I mentioned the article that Autosprint published earlier this year about the “new” F1 team that was arriving this year. It easily proofs how editors, or whatever they are called, fail in their own research these days. Feel free obviously to visit these pages for your news.