I lost connection with today’s Formula One


Hey there, it has been a while since i posted an article on my website. You have to agree a lot has happened since my last post the 16th of February. Some Russian asshole provoked a useless war, which he is losing. Basically the world became a shithole. Normally I would find my safe haven in the Formula One in these disturbing times. However, I lost connection with today’s Formula One and im struggling to find the energy to reconnect with this once amazing place anyone could come to. From the heart, I lost my connection with today’s Formula One.

This process probably kicked in when Max Verstappen won his first race in Barcelona, the 15th of May 2016 with Red Bull. Little did know Max at that time; I followed him in his earlier career. Still have his shirt when he drove for van Amersfoort in the F3. Then the so-called Orange Fans appeared on the tracks and social Medias yelling they knew it all. The point i didn’t support Max anymore. Ashamed by my own people, which had their anti-climax, last year when a bunch of them became, toxicated fans.

It is not the main reason I lost connection with today’s Formula One of course. It seems the Formula One is trying and pushing to be the best the world has to offer. With lots of drama and faked acting in their “Drive to Survive” series. I would have called it “As the wheels turn” would be much better to create a soap around it.  Another mayor issue I have with today’s Formula One is their desperate need to be woke if you can call it like that, some of you will ask me why I call it woke. Easily explained if you have a different opinion, some will try to cancel you if they can’t win an argument.

Then you have of course the insane amount of races on the calendar this season, I mean 23 races can’t be healthy for anyone. Lots of fans love the fact that there are this much races. I prefer the old 16 or 17 races in a season. It’s more than enough, as I have a life besides Formula One. I sometimes question myself if today’s fans actually have hobbies besides the Formula One. Anyway Money talks.

Money talks.. this is probably the main reason I lost connection with today’s Formula One and craving for the old Formula One. Those who are following me, or know me in person know about the #BoycottJeddahGP or previously #WeSayNoToSaudiArabia. The Formula One came with their #WeRaceAsOne campaign, the same time they announced the race in Saudi Arabia. It’s the opposite of their campaign. I wrote a couple of article about it which can be read here, and here and here.

Anyhow what I was fearing happened,  during the Grand Prix the 5th of December I received messages that the Saudi’s were bombing and shelling Yemen. Bombing the innocent civilians who are already suffering for years because of that same country. Somehow, looking at it months later has been the point I lost touch with today’s Formula One. Sure, I have been boycotting more races. Probably you will think don’t complain as the world is burning anyway.

I still haven’t decided if I will get a package with F1TV or ViaPlay. I’m not certain I can get myself re-connected with the Formula One. Neither am I convinced that the Formula One is really going to change for the matter. Yes, they dropped the Russian Grand Prix, though they would be forced anyway with the sanctions applied to Russia. Neither am I convinced the Formula One Fans will be one big group again as I used to experience it.  Of course this is just my own opinion.