In three weeks, the 2021 season will start in Bahrain.  2020 brought us a beautiful season besides the cars are horrible to look at. New tracks, driver switches, insane races and of course, a bit boring, Lewis Hamilton became the world champion. Therefore, it is time to bring up some predictions for the 2021 season, which probably won’t happen at all. If im bad in one thing is to predict!

Who will be the world Champion of 2021?
The easiest question you can have this season. As the cars are mostly similar to the cars of last year it is assumable that Lewis Hamilton will become for the eighth time the world champion with Mercedes. It would be amazing if Mercedes will be the flop of the season and Ferrari brings with Leclerc the new world champion. However, this will happen in 2022.

Best race of the season 2021?
Imola for sure, somehow I believe that Ferrari will be the dominant factor in Imola and bring the tifosi what they deserve. A One Two in the race and the Italian national anthem to be blasted through the speakers around the racetrack.

Worst race of the season 2021?
Saudi Arabia because there is no reason to have a Grand Prix in Jeddah. I know many of you will watch the race. I will be one of these that won’t watch the race and boycott it.

Most impressive driver of 2021?
I believe that Kimi and Fernando will light up the fire inside once more and give us some good show on the road. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the both of them on the podium somewhere? As well Sainz will show he is equal towards Leclerc in the Ferrari.

Least impressive driver of 2021?
Well I don’t like it to say but I’m afraid that Sebastian Vettel lost his racing spirit. If the first three races won’t bring him on the podium I’m afraid he will end up frustrated. Similar to Damon Hill in his last year in the Formula One. Neither do I believe Perez and Giovinazzi will show some impressive drives.

Some Insane prediction?
Mazepin will win in Monaco, Williams will score three points and Renault will win three races with Fernando behind the wheel.

Will we race at Turkey?
There is still a free place on the calendar and I would love it if the Formula One would return to Turkey to race there. I love the track, and I believe it can bring the needed action.

Will there be fans on and around the tracks?
Yes, it seems that covid-19/21 is losing grip as people are receiving their vaccines or build up their on anti-bodies. Which will give the countries the room they needed to allow fans!