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Flavio Briatore’s GP1 Series could be a rival for F1

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It has been said multiple times in the history of Formula One. An alternative championship for the Formula One. A good example for this was the GP1 Series Flavio Briatore announced already in 2006, before he came with concrete plans in 2012. To be honest I would support an alternative championship.

Why I would support a rival championship for the Formula One?  Since day one I’m not a fan of Liberty Media, and I dislike the road Formula One choose for the near future. The focus in purely on the show to make as much as possible money. You could say the American way. What happened with the brilliant races we used to have in the past? What happened with the brutal sounds of the engines, the smell of burned rubber and petrol?

Flavio Briatore first announced GP1 Series in 2006, as far as I remember. Briatore is a person I truly miss in the Formula One, probably many of you don’t and will point to the Renault gate in 2009 and the Benetton gate in 1994 and 1995. There are no personalities left in the Formula One with balls, except for Kimi. Don’t you miss Eddie Irvine or Juan Pablo Montoya? I know I’m a different kind of fan.

What is interesting is that Bernie Ecclestone, via Epsilon Ltd., trademarked several labels on the 19th of june in 2009. Back then the FOTA announced they would leave the Formula One and start their own championship. Bernie, another person I miss in the Formula One, trademarked the follow labels; Formula Grand prix, Formula GP  but also GP1 and GP1 Series isn’t that interesting?  He trademarked the four brands at the European trademark consultation. The same time GP3 was also trademarked, as GP2 already was. The idea of a brand new series was born. GP3, GP2 and the GP1.

Of course, the teams found a way and didn’t leave the Formula One. However, the plans for the GP1 Series were still alive. In 2012 the team in the Formula One had to agree again on a new Concorde Agreement. Teams as Ferrari did not agree on the new terms and threatened to leave the Formula One and start their own championship. Flavio Briatore announced again the plans to establish GP1 Series. Luca di  Montezemolo then Ferrari President told the media he liked the idea of GP1 Series. It is said that Ferrari had close meetings to help with the series.

The idea behind the GP1 Series in 2012 was an more simple technical regulations, with less focus on the aerodynamics of the cars, and more focus on pure driving. You could say the revival of Formula One in the late 1990s early 200s. When the care were plainer with less wings.

After Bernie Ecclestone got kicked out Formula One, the rumors spread quickly that he and Flavio were to launch the GP1 Series as a rival for the Formula One. Their argument was that the current Formula One shows no action on the tracks, and was based on a future that was no future. Sadly, no more news came out about the GP1 Series by Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore. Though there is an twitter page named GP1 World Series.

Yes, I would support an rival for the Formula One.  If it’s named GP1 Series or Formula GP, I would support both men in it. Their plans are marvelous and in my opinion, they could make it. As both man have many contacts around the world, and it is known that many would love to see Bernie back. Besides this, I’m not a fan of the DRS and other tricks the drivers “get” to overtake more, what a bunch of nonsense. Neither do I like the fact they have an x amount of engines available per race season, and I would love to see the refueling coming back.