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An offer you can’t resist: Force India is for sale!

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Do you have some millions left on your bank account, let say around 60 million euros, and you have no idea what to do with it? Maybe you could contact Vijay Mallya, I think he has an offer you can’t resist. Buying his Force India team!

Recently the rumours went crazy, actually they surround the team for a couple of years now, but it seems Vijay Mallya confirmed to PlanetF1 that his team is for sale… for the right price of course!  Wait a minute… just a week ago Mallya said in an interview that Force India is not for sale and that the financial struggles aren’t that bad as said in the media.

Now he says Force India is for sale for the right price. What is the right price for the team?  If you ask me, he should have sold his team already in 2016. Just before the rumours appeared of his legal problems with the Indian tax authorities because of some tricks he did with his former companies. The team ended that year as fourth in the Constructors Championship as it did in 2017.  In my opinion, his weird behavior is affecting the team as well.

So what would the team be worth? Well the intro says 60 million but I really have no clue what a team can be worth in this situation. If I have to believe the stories I read and I hear from people… the team has huge financial troubles which seems to be grow by day.  The team even received twice a deposit of the price money to pay their employees paycheck.

Are there any buyers interested? Yes there are a few rumors the first one appeared in April stating that Rich Energy, some energy drink company, was interested in the shares of the team. During the Canadian Grand Prix it was rumored that Andretti Motorsports was interested in a takeover, as you can read here. BWT their current sponsor seems to be interested. Perhaps Mercedes as well is interested to turn Force India into their B-Team.

I always had a weakness for the Force India team. The team that rose from the ashes of the Jordan Grand Prix team, oké oké if will not forget to mention Midland and Spyker, and did a marvelous job by bringing the team back to the sub top.  I truly hope the team will stay on the grid… somewhere I am afraid the team will disappear… so hopefully a true loyal buyer will take over the shares of Vijay and turn the team back into a sub topper.