Golden Era

My soul belongs to the Golden Era


If I have to believe my friends and family, my soul is an old soul that doesn’t belong to the present. If I have to believe them, it belongs to the 1930s, better known as the Golden Era of motorsport. They say I represent everything from that Era and I do not represent anything from the current. If it is about motorsport and fashion.

Why I share this story with you… maybe, you will understand why I’m not a fan of the current safety issues. Perhaps it is just some philosophic story I want to share. You decide or you may not decide it’s up to you. To be honest I am very charmed of the Golden Era.  The way of living, the way people behaved, the romanced way of living. The way motorsport was organized in these days… and of course the woman.

I love all the aspects of the 1930s if it is about motorsport and everything around it.  When we decide to have some drink I always start at some point to philosophy about the Golden Era. How would it been if I you were living in that era, to be active as a Grand Prix driver in that 1930s. How would it been to be a Grand Prix driver for teams as Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Bugatti or be one of the top drivers of the Silberpfeilen?  When you arrive on the grid with at least 30 cars on it, mostly with 40 or more, driving on a circuit were one round is 20 kilometer long. Driving an average of 200 km/h. How would that kick felt?

Knowing in the Golden Era an accident happened quicker than you could take a beer out of your new fridge. In every corner there was death waiting for you to crash the car, but most of the times you didn’t, most of the times you just finished the race. Your girlfriend would come and give you a kiss. Of course, you would smoke a cigar after the race as this was normal to do in this amazing golden era. No one would say it is bad to do.

Having a big dinner after the race, get some champagne, and show your swing moves on the dance floor….

Knock Knock 2018 is waking you up… the era of people unable to do what they want but do what people tell them to do. An era full of activist that like to break down anything we know. The era that shows how fucked up humanity and society is…