Oh the 90s what ever happened with you?


Could be i posted a similar blog before could be i did not. Anyway, I just felt the need to post this blog post. Just for the sake of it, to have a little trip down to memory lane. When the Formula One seemed to be an amazing sport. When the fans seemed not toxic, when Jos Verstappen was our national hero. Yeah the good old 90s. Who doesn’t remember those days? Well plenty it seems.

Where to start with this one, I’m a true 90s kid as I’m born in January 1990. My first taste, as i remember, with Formula One was in 1994 when Jos Verstappen finished 3th in the Hungarian Grand Prix. Who remembers Schumi helping Jos to score his first podium in the Formula One with the Benetton?

Anyway, it is the atmosphere as I remember those 1990s and the early 2000s of the Formula One. The insane amount of teams that just seemed to pop-up on the grid as todays pop-up stores. Forti Corse, Pacific, Life, Jaguar, Lola, Lambo just to name a few of the teams. Yes I mention Jaguar here, could also mention Toyota as it is one of those teams that seemed to have an unlimited resource and failed badly.

Though who remembers, especially when you are like me from some country in Europe, setting your alarm at 03:30 for the Australian Grand Prix? Just to watch the pre-race show with some coffee your warm croissants some more coffee. To eventually, be high on caffeine watching the start of the Grand Prix at 05:00 in the morning? Still dark outside, no sun. The sun only appeared when the race was over and you still had all day to do whatever you did those days.

Watch Minardi fighting every now and then with Arrows for a point finish. Or to see a Stewart or a Jordan randomly winning their first Grand Prix. See the Ferrari’s winning race by race melting your heart for that beautiful Italian team?

Oh well.. it’s 2022 and im glad I still have all those memories clear on my mind, those years where we seemed not to be toxic. Where seemed to still love each other. The days that the Formula One was fun to watch!