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Racing For Holland is well known for it’s involvement in the 24Hours of LeMans where it drove around in the Dome checkered layout. As well the team was active in the FIA Sportscar Challenge and the A1GP series.  The team was founded by Jan Lammers who himself drove around in many series as well in the Formula One for several years. Since the early days of the teams existing the Formula One seemed to be one of the biggest goals. It was even on their website! So how serious where the plan for Racing For Holland? Let’s dive in it!

I found in my archive a press release from Racing For Holland published in February 2003. It gave the overview for the teams plans in 2003. Interestingly enough the press release finishes with a quote from Jan Lammers stating that maybe the team would reach the Formula One. I’m not making this up. Lammers did say it. To be fair Jan Lammers always see’s the positive side and has big plans, sometimes too big. As the struggles would reveal in the A1GP series.

In 2003 the team would appear the start for the 71th edition of the 24 Hours of LeMans. As well they would race with two cars in the FIA Sportscar Championship with the Dome S101 powered by the Judd V10 engine.

Anyway triggered by the press release I tried to contact Jan Lammers, as in the past I did not get a message back. So i went further with my investigation and I found out that on an article was dedicated to this quote as well. In there Jan Lammers says that, looking at Racing for Holland, their past seasons the team is growing rapidly and becoming even more professional. The enter of two cars shows their growth.

Lammers stated as well that looking at the Formula One (obviously In 2003) there were teams leasing engines from companies. The outlook that chassis could be rented from companies like Dallara or the use of second-hand chassis made it possible in the future to bring the team on the grid. Indeed there were talks about it years ago to bring up one old chassis on the grid.

For me there is a serious question. While Lammers state that there is enough interest in the Netherlands for the Formula One. I don’t believe there really was. Looking at the years Verstappen entered the sport, the amount of sponsorship wasn’t that huge. Looking at todays Formula One with Max Verstappen dominating the sport, there is still less interest from companies to invest in the Formula One. Another problem is the lack of national autosport. There used to be several cup series and Formula series over here. Though, none of them exist today. Currently we only have DNRT bringing autosport to the tracks. Mostly on amateur level.

Anyway, there were some plans, looking to the future, to bring the team on the grid in the Formula One. I think it was a big dream for a team that wouldn’t be able to bring in the finance to complete the journey. I do believe, with Lammers leading the team, they could be “competative” in the Formula One. Doesn’t mean you can’t dream. As visible via wayback on the website of the team they tried to lure sponsors by telling they could eventually end up in the Formula One.

It doesn’t mean we had daredevils over here. In 2006 Spyker announced their interest to enter the Formula One. Victor Muller was the guy behind it. He did what he said, he brought Spyker in the Formula One. The team even would score a point. Though wouldn’t last more then a year in the sports. It later turned into Force India. Victor Muller later came in the news buying Saab. After he purchased it he did blew this as well.