AFRIX; A1GP’s (African) revival ?


Perhaps im a bit late with publishing this news, though years ago the news was spread that AFRIX GP of South Africa bought the remaining A1GP Powered by Ferrari cars. Including spare parts, engine, steering wheels, basically the complete packages. Sadly, the cars did not re-appear on any circuit on the Africa continent.

Earlier this year AFRIX GP announced that, the cars would at least appear on the tracks during the 2020/2021 season on the African continent. Honestly I was already working on the article “The forgotten short second life of the A1GP cars” or similar title. Now it seems that, after four years, AFRIX will bring the cars to the grid, in a Pan-African series.  So why they are able to bring the cars on the track.

Well, they found a new round of investments so the series is able to race. The plan is to hold three events, perhaps some more, between December (2019) and March (2020) probably the first AFRIX GP event will take place at the legendary Kyalami. Durban is rumoured to be one of the other events as they have their A1GP history. These are most likely events to promote the series and make people interested for the new series. Before it kicks of it’s first full season in 2020/2021.

Izak Spies is one of the main investor of the AFRIX GP events, myself I never heard of his name, though it is always great to see (semi) new formula / open-wheeler series appear on the tracks.  Originally the Pan-African series was planned for the 2016 / 2017 season.  AFRIX even tested a couple of the cars on the 4th of December 2015.

The idea is to race mostly around the countries in Africa, and with this AFRIX wants to start an development programme to give talent in Africa the opportunity to get better and to be seen in the international racing. The cars are being modified, slightly, with higher cockpit sides and Zylon side protection. The cars will be powered by the Ferrari V8s will they will run with Life Racing engine management systems.

Will the series makes it’s promises? I really have no idea what we can expect of the series. Mainly the races will be on the African continent, though I like the aspect they want to promote African racing drivers with the development programme. However, I’m afraid the AFRIX series will end up as the  Formula Acceleration 1. This single make series used the first generation of A1GP cars but never made it.