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Rich Energy is no more; Best news for Haas F1 Team!


A few hours ago Rich Energy, via twitter, announced they terminated their contract with the Haas F1 Team. Rich Energy stated, in their tweet, due the bad performance of the Haas F1 Team they would stop sponsoring the team. O really?

Haas is performing badly this season? I don’t believe they do i actually believe they do a decent job this season. If you see how close the teams became this year, expect for Williams. This is not the only reason, another reason is the way Formula One is going on. Political correct. Yes it is but let me tell you the real reason.

Let’s take you all back to almost 20 years and some days to the Arrows F1 Team and their “shareholder” Prince Malik an prince from Nigeria. He came in the Formula One by promising golden ages for the Arrows team. T-Minus was his brand, he would make his brand big, and make Arrows big. It never happened, T-minus was nothing more than a scam. As you can read the story here.

Let’s go back to earlier this year, when Rich Energy became the main sponsor of the Haas F1 Team. No one ever heard of the brand Rich Energy. I never did either. They promised Haas as well alot of stuff. However, when i did my own research earlier this year (which i never published) i came across financial documents regarding Rich Energy showing their real interest and their profit. It was not much to be honest. I believed first that Rich Energy, as Red Bull and PowerHorse was were, was a new brand. Trying to expand their market. (I can’t share them, though you can find them yourself)

Sadly i quickly understood, with some explanation of a friend, it seemed some shadowy act of gaining money. As well, Rich Energy came most of the time in the news because of strange things happening. Most recently with the Logo. Rich Energy lost their courtyard from Whyte Bikes. The Logo’s are similar and it seems Rich Energy just took it.

Another fact was very early in the season with the Haas F1 Team. Somehow i never felt the dedicated connection between Gene Haas (team owner Haas F1 Team) and the owner of Rich Energy. Neither i understood how Haas ever came in contact with Rich Energy.

One thing i would like to show is the “pyramid” swindle. I remember well how Bernie Madoff, back in 2009, couldn’t hold his game any more. Since then i did some investigation in those games. Here are a couple of examples how Rich Energy, almost, have to be a Pyramid swindle.

* Do you know people who heard of Rich Energy before? Probably not.
* A can of Rich Energy is pricey, over €2,50 per can. Would you buy it? Probably not.
* The company seems profitable, even no one seems to know it!
* The owner of the company is let’s say eccentric. Similar to late Jean-Pierre Van Rossem was back in the 80’s with Onyx F1.
* When you invest in Rich Energy you are promised golden mountains.
* Invested money from new investors will be used to fill the gaps of previous investors.

In My believe Rich Energy is one big scam, and i discussed this months ago already. No one wanted to believe it, but of course knew it somewhere something wasn’t going well. Will this infect Haas F1 Team? I don’t think so. Somehow i believe that Gene Haas knew he needed a plan B. Not like Force India of course. Previous seasons the team was in the F1 on the expense of Haas Automotive. The team will stay on the Grid, and i believe will be as well in 2020. Hopefully with some dedicated sponsors!

Haas F1 Team