Old Rumour Mill

The old rumour mill; Mark Blundell Prost GP’s new test driver?

Old Rumour Mill

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One. A special blog dedicated to the old rumours of Formula One. Many rumours appeared during the years. Some were just silly “Alain Prost to move to Benetton in 1992”. Others were just amazing to read “Pedro Diniz to move to Ferrari in 2000”. Every month a new episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One will be published on the website!

Minardi powered by Ferrari or Renault or Ford or even Honda? in 2002? (2001)
2001 was an interesting year for the small Minardi team. The team came close to withdraw from the grid even in early 2001, thankfully Paul Stoddart arrived with his European Aviation and took over the team. For 2002 the team was considering their options. Paul Stoddart was talking about the Minardi PS02 powered by Ferrari, as it was back in 1993. Though considered as well was the AMT units, the Ford Cosworth Units which were the same as the one from Jaguar and Arrows. And even building their own units was an option. Stoddart was also keen to keep some contact with Renault and Honda. In the end Minardi would race with the Asiatech engines.

Mark Blundell in frame to become Prost Grand Prix’s test driver! (2001)
Mark Blundell lost his seat in the CART series at the end of the 2000 season. With no seat for 2001 Prost showed interested in hiring Blundell as their Test driver for 2001 and perhaps even longer. However after Prost lost Pedro de La Rosa, who had a lot of know how of the bridgestone tyres, it was 50 to 50 Blundell would make his “comeback” in the Formula One again. Though if Gaston Mazzacane’s results were poorly Blundell was in frame to replace him.

The Irish Grand Prix is coming! (1999)
Jim Mansfield, an Dublin property developer, was interested to build a brand new circuit suitable for Grand Prix racing near Dublin. Eddie Jordan himself stated he supported the idea. However, as even in 1999 the Formula One was all about money to be paid there was a slight chance, basically none, that the Dublin Grand Prix would ever held.