The old rumour mill; Verstappen and Williams

Old Rumour Mill

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One. A special blog dedicated to the old rumours of Formula One. Many rumours appeared during the years. Some were just silly “Alain Prost to move to Benetton in 1992”. Others were just amazing to read “Pedro Diniz to move to Ferrari in 2000”. Every week a new episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One will be published on the website!

Jos Verstappen to move to Williams? (1999)
In late 1999, when Verstappen was with no seat, it was rumoured that Jos Verstappen came close to sign the deal with the Williams team which would drive in 2000 with the new BMW engines. It never came this far for Verstappen, eventually in favour of Tom Coronel, he signed a deal with the Arrows team of Tom Walkinshaw.

Mika Salo to make his second return in Formula One with Williams? (2004)
In July 2004 it seems that Frank Williams phoned Mika Salo with the question to test with the Williams FW26. Assumable to find the replacement for Ralf Schumacher who would leave the Williams Team. Salo was quoted ” looks like they are out of driver candidates when they ask even me “. Salo wasn’t selected eventually as he was already done with Formula One.

Pedro Diniz to drive for Jordan Grand Prix next season? (1998)
In 1998 Pedro Diniz showed the world he was capable of driven in a Formula One car and actually scored several points with the Arrows A18. Diniz was in contact with Eddie Jordan for a seat in 1999. However, Diniz didn’t get the seat. Heinz-Harald Frentzen was the lucky one, who got the seat. During the 1999 season Eddie Jordan told some media that the deal with Pedro Diniz didn’t continue because of an image problem…

Walkinshaw to pay Mika Salo ? (1998)
It was rumoured that Tom Walkinshaw, after Diniz was looking to switch teams, was looking for a team who would take Mika Salo and pay for the contract. Walkinshaw already signed Toranosuke Takagi (8 million), and Shinji Nakano (7 million), both pay drivers, for the next season. Also Pedro de La Rosa was a serious candidate to drive for Arrows in 1999 as he was able to pay 5 million.

15 teams or more on the grid in 2000? (1997/1999)
During the mid 1990’s many rumours appeared in the Formula One of fresh teams to appear on the grid, greedy for success and for wins. It was said that Dome would enter the Formula One in 1999. As well Honda, BAR (at this point not knowing it would take over Tyrrell), AMG was rumoured in late 1997 to enter the Formula one with a junior team. As well Audi was rumoured to enter the Formula One around 2000.