Unknown sources were able to provide me with the Information that Bernie Ecclestone will take back the power in the Formula One and bring the Formula One back to the heydays when the Americans were not involved in the matter, and destroyed the Formula One. You know all about the show, who cars the fans and the technique?

Side note: Before you start asking questions. This is an fictive item about Ecclestone’s son and Bernie himself taking over control again in 2040! The article is to hurray for Bernie becoming father once mor

You may ask yourself who is the hell is Ecclestone?  Bernard Charles Ecclestone was the Formula One supremo in the early days of Formula One. The days no one cared about green energy, no one cared about one engine per 2 seasons. The year’s teams as Brabham, McLaren and Williams as well Ferrari of course used four engines a weekend per driver, per car. When drivers were true drivers and took the risk to overtake someone. Now all they do is sitting and steering… afraid to hit the curbs they break way too early in the corners.

However, the old times will return. As Bernie Ecclestone’s son, Bernie Ecclestone Jr. will take over control in the Formula One. The rumours say that Bernie Ecclestone himself, recently turned 109 years old, will take a big position within the management of the FOM. Their first change is to get rid of all the help drivers have these days to overtake. There is no need for KERS and there is no need for DRS Bernie Jr. told us.

As quoted from Bernie Sr. The drivers are there to drive the cars and take risks at an acceptable level. The level we used to have in the 1990s. As well, the teams will be released from the ban to develop their own cars.

We will not support the standard outfit Liberty Media introduced in the late 2010s. It ruined the sport. It is time to make Formula 1 fun again, and not the horror show it became.

Besides Bernie SR, as well Sebastian Vettel (former Red Bull Racing and Ferrari), Toto Wolff (former Mercedes team boss) and Lando Norris will take place in the management. As well, Max Mosley will return as legal adviser.

Another rumour stated that Kimi Raikkonen signed a new 5-year deal with the Ferrari Veteran team.
It means he will race his 1200th race this year!