Minardi PS04A

Unveiled the Minardi PS04A

Minardi Unraced 2000 - 2009

Recently i have been working on the Arrows A23 Saga special, unveiling the history of the Arrows A23. The special is far from completed yet I have to correct the Minardi PS04 part. It seems that the Minardi PS04 does not exist. Regarding the chassis plate inside the car it is the Minardi PS04A instead! So what’s this all about? I will give it a shot to explain!

Over there years there have been several topics and articles dedicated to the Minardi F1 Team.  As well, articles have appeared about Minardi and the comparison test at Mugello with the Minardi PS04. 98% of them mention that that is the Arrows A23 new chassis. It isn’t and I couldn’t believe it myself either.  Until the evidence was shown to me earlier.

Officially, Verstappen and Kiesa have used the Minardi PS04A during the comparison test at Mugello, the 16th of September 2003, together with the Minardi PS03.  How did the confusion appear on the correct name of the Minardi? I can only think about one thing. People who were involved with the car just named it the PS04 instead of the Minardi PS04A. Neither do I believe it happened on purpose.

So what does the A stand for in Minardi PS04A? It means Arrows, or Arrows A23 it depends on how you look at it. It is known that two Minardi PS04A’s existed. The Minardi PS04A/01 and the Minardi PS04A/04. During test sessions at Mugello on the 1st of October 2003 Verstappen switched from cars both mentioned as PS04/01 and PS04/04. Though it is said as well that one Arrows A23 only received the livery that Minardi had in 2003.

In 2005 one of the Arrows A23 cars, dressed up as the Minardi PS04A was placed on display in Australia. This was however before Super Aguri came in sight of buying the Arrows A23 cars.

Besides the chassis plate in the car there is more proof of the existing of the Minardi PS04A instead of the Minardi PS04. Minardi held a huge auction via Baachellp.com the site listed two Minardi PS04A cars for sale.  Chassis 01 and Chassis 04. The list of the sales during the Minardi auction is still available here.

Then there is still the Minardi PS04/01 that’s on display on one of Seajets ferries in Greece. This Minardi PS04/01 is not a official chassis. The chassis is made from fiberglass and far from reliable to drive a single meter. However, the car still hold many original parts mounted on it.  Is the Minardi legit? You could call it like that as it is still a masterpiece too look at and to have a quick daydream with it when you’re on that boat.  Not a shame at all!

For myself I don’t believe I have to re-write the Minardi PS04 story as I already published. The only major issue is the Seajets Minardi PS04. It is not the official Minardi if you look at the “chassis” part of the car. Neither is there an issue to use Minardi PS04 rather than the Minardi PS04A.