Minardi is probably one of the most favourite teams that was on the grid in the Formula One. They were for many drivers the first step for Formula One. Think about Giancarlo Fisichella, Mark Webber and let’s not forget about Fernando Alonso. However, Minardi was also one of the teams that let a lot of drivers race for them if they had the money for it. Even if it was for just two or three races. Then there is also the amount of drivers that tested for the team. One of the well known drivers is Israelian driver Chanoch Nissany who had too much grip with the Minardi he tested. So here is the ultimate Minardi drivers list!

The list on alphabetic order of name, I was thinking to do it by year but it meant that several drivers would return on the list. Like Pierluigi Martini, Alessandro Nannini and so on. A little legenda;
(D) = Driver
(T) = Test driver
(X2) = Minardi 2 seater

Adrián Campos(ES) – (D)
Active years: 1987 – 1988

Before Adrián made his debut he drove from 1983 and 1985 in several Formula 3 series. He finished 3th in the German F3 season in 1985. Interesting is that he drove for the Forti Corse team during the Formula 3 European Cup. In 1987 he made his debut in the Formula One for Minardi. His best result that year was a 14th place during the Spanish Grand Prix. In 1988 he drove again for Minardi his 16th place at San Marino was his best result. The three races after he failed to qualify and was replaced by Pierluigi Martini. Later Campos would start his own race team. Even entering the Formula one for 2009, however before it came that far he sold his team and HRT appeared.

Alan van der Merwe(ZA) – (X2)
Active year: 2006

Alan van der Merwe is a South African driver that was rumoured a couple of times to drive or test for a team in the Formula One. In 2006 Alan joined the Bonneville 200 MPH Club. For the club he drove a modified BAR-007 to beat the speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats. However, in 2004 he drove for with one of the Minardi two seaters at a charity even at Kyalami the 7th of June 2004. His passenger were Ruben Goldberg and Chris Potgieter. From 2009 on van der Merwe was the Medical car driver until 2021 when he refused to get vaccinated for Covid-19.

Alessandro Nannini(I) – (D)(T)
Active years: 1984 – 1987

Nannini is one of the early Minardi drivers. Nannini started in rally races before he moved to the Formula Italia in 1981. In 1982 he went to the Formula 2 with the Minardi team. He would stay with Minardi in the Formula 2 until 1985. While the team was active in the Formula 2, the team already announced their plans for the Formula One. Already in 1984 Alessandro Nannini and Pierluigi Martini tested with the Minardi M184 at Misano, this was Minardi’s test hack. It is known that Nannini was in the scope to become their driver for 1985 though he lacked the super license. This he would receive for the 1986 season.

While waiting for his license he tested in 1985 for the team. He tested especially with the M185 fitted with the Motori Moderni V6 Turbo engine. Which was a failure. In 1986 he made his debut for Minardi first with the M185B. The M186 only drove during the Austrian Grand prix. His best result that year was a 14th place during the Mexican Grand Prix. A year later Nannini would race for Minardi as well. The M187 was an improvement and his best results were a 11th place during the Hungarian and Portuguese Grand Prix. Nannini’s career ended abruptly after he had the 12th of October 1990 an helicopter crash.

Alessandro Zanardi(I) – (D)
Active year: 1992
After racing in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the Italian Formula 3 and in the International Formula 3000 Alessandro Zanardi made his debut in the Formula One in 1991 for the Jordan Grand Prix team. After the 1992 French Grand Prix Zanardi was asked by Minardi if he could replace the injured Christian Fittipaldi. Before the British Grand Prix Zanardi tested with the M192 to get a feeling with the car. Sadly, Zanardi failed to qualify the car for the British Grand Prix. He managed to qualify for the German Grand Prix on P24 only to retire the race due to gearbox failure. Only to fail to qualify for the Hungarian Grand Prix. After that race Fittipaldi return to the team. In 1993 Zanardi would race for Lotus and score his only point in his career during the Brazilian Grand Prix.  

Alex Yoong (MY) – (T)(D)(X2)
Active years: 2001 – 2002

Alex Yoong is the first Malaysian driver that tested with a F1 car and eventually became the first Malaysian driver on the grid. In 1994 Yoong attended the Asian Formula 2000 series. Which was a Formula series similar to the F3000 series. From there on Yoong made it’s debut in the Formula Renault before he ends up on the F3 and F3000 in the late 1990s. In 2001 Yoong was visited by Minardi Marketing man Rupert Manwaring if he was interested to test for the team. Yoong was offered to race for the team from the British Grand Prix on.

In July 2001 Yoong tested for the first time for Minardi, this was with the Minardi PS01 in July at Monza. Later on, to get his super license he tested with the Minardi PS01B at Mugello directly after the Belgium Grand Prix. After he received his super license he would replace Tarso Marques for the last three races of the season. His best result was a 16h place during the Japanese Grand Prix.

In between he did several 2-seater events for the Minardi team. His first time was at Donington the 21th of August. Another one happened at Misano the 1st of November. Eventually to have his last event the 11th of August 2002 at Donington again.

For 2002 he would drive again for the team. As Alonso left the team, Mark Webber replaced him. The first race went pretty well, finishing 7th it looked promising. The Minardi PS02 was in base a perfect design. From there on it went downwards for Yoong. With a DNQ at the British Grand Prix he was replaced by Anthony Davidson for the Hungarian and Belgium Grand Prix. Only to reappear for the last three races of the season.

Andrea Boldrini(I) – (T)
Active year: 1996

Andrea Boldrini is one of the drivers that tested for the Italian team. After a couple of years in karting and lower formulae series he debuted in 1993 in the Italian Formula 3 championship. In 1996 Boldrini won the Italian Formula 3 title with the Shannon team, yes the same Shannon that ruined Forti. For winning the championship he was granted a test with Minardi. The 28th of October 1996 he tested with the Minardi M195B at Misano. His best time was a 1:17.83.

Andrea de Cesaris(I) – (T)(D)
Active year: 1986

Who doesn’t remember late Andrea de Cesaris, also nicknamed Andrea de  Crasheris? In 1980 he made his debut in the Formula One with the Alfa Romeo team. He would stay with the team until 1983, scoring several podiums. For 1984 he moved to the Ligier team with only a handful points he moved in 1986 to the Minardi team. He tested in early 1986 for the first time with the Minardi M185B.

The modified car was there to be only to have the M186 debuted. The car would only appear during the Hungarian Grand Prix. 1986 was the first year for Andrea not to score any points and retire from almost all races due to the unreliable Motori Moderni car. His only finish that year was during the Mexican Grand Prix finishing 8th. After one season he left for Brabham in 1987. His last season was in 1994 with Sauber.

Andrea Piccini(I) – (T)
Active year: 2001

Andrea Piccini’s single-seater career was not a lucky one, he finished as 3rd in the 1998 Formula Opel Europe before he moved to the International Formula 3000 in 1999. In the three seasons he drove he only scored six points. While the results were poorly he was contacted by Minardi to be their test driver in 2001 as well to drive for the team in the International Formula 3000 (European Minardi F3000). During the 4th and 5th of July 2001 Piccini tested intensively with the Minardi PS01. He tested new software and a brand new aero package for the car. After the Belgium Grand Prix he tested with the Minardi PS01B.

While his career in the single-seaters wasn’t great. After his Minardi days he went to the FIA GT where he showed his real potential. Scoring lots of podiums he continued racing in GT and Endurance.

Anthony Davidson(GB) – (D)
Active year: 2002

After winning the British Formula Ford winter series in 1999 it went fast with Davison’s career. Showing promising results in the British Formula Ford championship in 2000 he moved a year later to the British Formula 3 Championship only to finish his first year as 2nd, while finishing 3rd during the Marlboro Masters at Zandvoort. It was enough to sign a test contract with BAR for 2001. While being a test driver in 2002 for BAR he was asked by Minardi to replace Alex Yoong who was put aside for the races in Hungary and Belgium Grand Prix. Both races he retired. Later on he would race a couple of races for BAR before racing for Super Aguri in 2007 and 2008. Later on he would flourish in the endurance racing.

Antonio García(ES) – (T)
Active year: 2002

Antonio is from the same generation as Fernando Alonso and Marc Gené, the promising three for Spain. Eventually all three reached the Formula One. Antonio showed some great results during his early years in the single-seaters. In 2000 he won the Open Telefonica by Nissan for Campos Motorsport. In 2001 he moved to the International Formula 3000 series though it was not a good move. Scoring no points, he drove a couple of races in the FIA GT Championship for RWS Motorsport even winning a race. For winning the series in 2000 he was offered a test with Minardi the 16th of January 2002 at Valencia. He tested there with the Minardi PS01 hybrid.  With a best time of 1:17,49.

After his test with Minardi he returned to the World Series by Nissan and stayed in the FIA GT Championship. After another year in the series in 2003 Antonio made the move to GT racing and later endurance which suited him much better. Winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans a couple of times.

Bas Leinders(BE) – (T)
Active year: 2004
One of the biggest talents Belgium had in the autosport in the 1990s and 2000s. Winning the Belgium Formula Ford Championship in 1994 and the British Formula Ford Championship and European Formula Ford Championship in 1995 the doors opened for Bas. Winning the 1996 European Formula Opel he moved German Formula Three championship which he won in 1998. After that his single-seater career seemed to hold. Racing in the International Formula 3000 championship he failed to impress. In 1999 he started racing in the BELCAR series and later on in the FIA GT Championship which he would win with Belgiahn Racing in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

However, in 2002 he moved to the World Series by Nissan which he finished as 3rd he would repeat that in 2003. For 2004 Bas Leinders tested early in 2004 with one of the Jordan EJ13s at Barcelona. Only to crash the car. After that test h was announced as Minardi’s test driver in 2004.

Bryan Herta(US) – (T)
Active year: 2002

Bryan Herta is well known for the many years he raced in the CART series and later the Indycar. What many have forgotten is that he tested with a Minardi in 2002. It was a test but you have to consider that he drove a Minardi PS01B with the 2002 livery at Donington. This was during the Thunder in the Park event organized by the Minardi team. The test happened the 9th of August 2002. A podcast about this test with Herta has been published in 2019.

Earlier that year Herta was already rumoured to test for the Orange Arrows team, this never materialised as he had to set op for CART. Later after his test Herta was rumoured as well to race for the Minardi team even wild rumours stating he would replace Yoong.

Chanoch Nissany(IL) – (T)
Active years: 2004 – 2005

Chanoch Nissany is the first Israeli driver to test a Formula One car and to appear at a Grand Prix weekend. Though probably most known for his line “The car had too much grip” after he spun of the track during the free practice for the 2005 Hungarian Grand Prix.

He only started racing at the age of 38, his first season in the Formula 2000 Hungarian National Championship. In 2003 he won that championship. A year later he would appear in the International Formula 3000 with a Coloni. His best result was a 12th place during the race at Monza. Before Chanoch appeared at Minardi he already tested twice for the Jordan Grand Prix team. The first time he took place behind the wheel of the Minardi PS04B was at Misano during a test the 22th of November 2004. A day later he would appear once more in the Minardi. Only two second off pace from Will Power his time.

On the 2nd of February 2005 Paul Stoddart accompanied by Chanoch announced that he was the teams official test driver that season. However, he already tested with the Minardi the 20th of January 2005. Two days after his announcement he would once more test with the Minardi PS04B at Misano. The first time he would take place, and fulfil his rol as test driver, was during the Friday practice of the 2005 Hungarian Grand Prix. On his Birthday he drove the first free practice for the team. While 12 seconds off pace he spun the PS05. With the legendary words “The car had too much grip”.

Christian Fittipaldi(BR) – (T)(D)(X2)
Active years: 1992 – 1993

Starting in the Formula Ford in 1988 he moved to the Formula 3 in 1989. Winning the Campeonato Brasileiro de Formula 3 series and finishing 3rd. He went international in 1990 racing in the British Formula 3 season and the Sudamericana. Winning the 1991 International Formula 3000 series seems the door opener for his Formula One career. He contracted by Minardi to race for the team in 1992, therefore he tested for the first time with the Minardi M191B at Paul Ricard in early February that year. In his first year for Minardi he managed to score a point during the Japanese Grand Prix in the M192 by finishing 6th.

Minardi seemed to be happy with Christian as he would race for the team in 1993 as well. Early in the year he had his first taste with the Minardi M193. It seemed he suited the car. During the first race of the season at Kyalami he finished 4th with the Minardi. At that time it meant three points! In Monaco he managed to score two more points by finishing 5th! The rest of the season was one with opportunities to score more points. For 1994 he moved to Footwork where he managed to score some more points. After 1994 he went to the states to race in the CART series.

In 2004 Christian would reappear in a Minardi. He drove one of the Minardi 2-seaters during an charity event at Kyalami. During he 2-seaters race he had Nicole Fox as his passenger during the first race. During the second race he had Jacoleen Bam as passenger.

Christian Pescatori(I) – (T)
Active year: 1994
Pescatori is one of the many Italian drivers that tested for the Minardi team during the 1990s. He started racing in the single-seaters in 1991 when he entered the Italian Formula 3 season. He would race in the series 3 seasons eventually winning the 1993 championship with a Dallara 393. After that He tried his luck in the International Formula 3000 in 1994, like many drivers who made the move it was not successfully. However, due to winning the Italian Formula 3 season he was offered a test with the Minardi team. The test took place the 14th of December 1994 at Fiorano with the Minardi M194. His best time was a 1:09.06.

He spent another year in the International Formula 3000 before he started racing with GT cars. Interestingly is that he seems to be one of the drivers for the Durango team that announced it’s Formula One plans earlier. Sadly, the team never happened.

Christijan Albers(NL) – (T)(D)(X2)
Active years: 2001 – 2002 / 2004 -2005

Albers is one of the interesting driver that drove for Minardi. Albers appeared in 1998 during the Marlboro Masters at Zandvoort on the grid as he competed in the German Formula 3 championship. A year later he would win that very same championship. In between he drove around in several series. In 2000 he joined the Orange Arrows team in the International Formula 3000 championship. At that time Paul Stoddart was the team principal. In 2001 he went racing in the DTM for Mercedes.

2001 was also the year we saw Christijan Albers, after Paul Stoddart literally saved the Minardi team, at the team. In 2001 and 2002 Christijan Albers was introduced as the teams official test driver and was even rumoured to race for the team in 2001. The 18th of April 2001 Albers tested for the first time with the Minardi PS01 at Mugello. It seems he did not test with the Minardi PS01B before 2002. The 16th and 17th of January 2002 Albers tested with a hybrid version of the Minardi PS01B fitted with some 2002 aerodynamics.

In 2003 and 2004 he continued, with success, racing in the DTM where he was one of the guys favourited for the title. In 2004 he became also a test driver for the Jordan Grand Prix team. At least he tested for the Jordan team before he tested for Minardi the 25th of November 2004 with the Minardi PS04B. It was more or less a shout out that weekend as he was announced as one of the drivers for 2005. The first time Albers would test with the Minardi PS05 was during the test session at Mugello the 27th and 28th of April at Mugello. He drove the first few races with the Minardi PS04B. The PS05 was a huge improvement. He would score points during the notorious race at Indianapolis. He finished 5th.

Besides test the Minardi he also drive a couple of times with the Minardi 2-seaters. The first time was the 1st of November 2001 at Misano. In 2002 he would race again at Donington the 11th of August 2002 his passenger was Mehboob Hamza. Eventually at Kyalami in 2004 he did it once more.

Damon Hill(GB) – (X2)
Active year: 2002
Damon Hill the world champion from 1996 with Williams was announced by Minardi in July 2002 that he would appear in one of the Minardi 2-seaters. This would be during the Thunder at the Park event at Donington the 11th of August 2002. Damon’s seat fitting happened the 3th of August 2002.  Derek Sadler was Hill’s passenger.

Danilo Rossi(I) – (T)
Active year: 1995

Rossi is one of the drivers that tested for Minardi which is more or less unknown to many. After a couple of years of karting winning several championships Rossi moved in 1992 to the Italian Formula 3 where he drove for Euroteam. He would stay a couple of seasons in the championship. Winning a couple of races. In December 1995 together with several other drivers Rossi tested with the Minardi M195 at Fiorano. Minardi was looking at that time for new young talent. After his test he returned to karting.

David Saelens(BE) – (T)
Active years: 2001 – 2002

 Winning several karting championships Saelens started racing in the Formula Renault series from 1993 on both European and French series. Finishing second in 1997 he moved to the Formula 3 finishing his first season as 3rd in the championship. In 1998 it even went better winning the French Formula 3 championship and the Marlboro Masters in Zandvoort. The years following he appeared in several endurance and GT races as well he started racing in the International Formula 3000 championship. Joining the European Minardi F3000 team opened the doors to the Formula One.

The 4th of November 2001 was the first time David Saelens would appear behind the wheel of the Minardi PS01 at Misano. This was during the Minardi days. During lap 10 he had to retire as one of the rear wheels came of the car. It seems he impressed Paul Stoddart. As a test in 2002 was promised. In 2002 he would continue racing in the International Formula 300 championship, only 5 races, with the Minardi team. However, Saelens was close to become the teams test and third driver.
The 18th of April 2002 Paul Stoddart had announced that David would become the teams reserve and test driver. After his adventure in the F1 he started racing in the Porsche Supercup.

Davide Rigon(I) – (T)
Active year: 2005

At the age of 19 Davide Rigon was one of the youngest drivers to test with a Formula One car. Rigon made his debut in the single seater series in 2003 in the Formula BMW. In 2005 Rigon debuted in the Italian Formula Renault 2.0 and the Formula Renault 3.5. As well he made his debut in the Formula Azzura and won the championship the same year. For winning that championship he was offered a test with the Minardi team. As the team was purchased by Red Bull there would be one big last test session were several youngsters would give the opportunity to test with the Minardi PS05. Rigon did a good job testing the Minardi at Vallenlunga the 22nd of November.

After his test with Minardi Davide kept on racing in the Euroseries 3000 for Minardi by GP Racing, winning the championship in 2007, he won in 2008 the ill-fated Superleague Formula. Since 2011 he is one of Ferrari’s simulator testers and is very competitive in several Endurance and GT series.

Donny Crevels(NL) – (T)
Active year: 1998

Donny was one of the rising stars in the Dutch Autosport, and was on his way to race for the Minardi team in 1999. However, he is the best example about how difficult it is in the Netherlands to get any sponsorship. Racing in the Formula Opel Lotus in the early 1990s he moved on to the Italian Formula 3 in 1997. In 1998 he continued in the Italian Formula 3 for Prema and eventually won the championship. For winning the championship he was offered a test with the Minardi team.

The second of December 1998 Donny Crevels took place behind the wheel of the Minardi M198 at Catalunya. He completed 32 laps with a best time of 1,29.638. The team was impressed by Donny’s speed and talent that they offered him a seat for next year. It was even this far that Crevels did a seat fitting later in December at the factory in Faenza. Everyone was convinced he would race for the team. Sadly, he would not. As happened to many Dutch drivers the lack of interest from companies to sponsor killed his F1 plans.

Enrico Toccacelo(I) – (T)
Active year: 2005

Enrico has perhaps one of the most interesting race careers in this list. He drove from 1997 until 1999 with average results in the Italian Formula 3 championship. In 2000 he drove in the German and Korean Formula 3 series. To race in 2001 in the Russian Formula 3 series and the International F3000 championship. He would continue racing in the International F3000 series to switch in 2005 towards the Formula Renault 3.5. On the 11th of August 2005 the Minardi team announced that Toccacelo would be Minardi’s Friday driver for the rest of the season. He made his debut on the Friday during the Turkish Grand Prix. However, after the Belgium Grand Prix he already left.

Esteban Tuero(AR) – (T)(D)
Active years: 1996 – 1998

Esteban Tuero already tested for the Minardi team in 1996 at the age of 18 when he tested together with Boldrini and Barbosa at Misano the 28th of October 1996. At that time Minardi was testing some young drivers. Tuero was the quickest of the three and would continue testing with the Minardi team every now and then in 1997. Pretty impressive as he started racing in single-seaters at the age of 16. He drove a couple of seasons in the International F3000 series and the Italian Formula 3 championship. Before Minardi came in the scope it was Benetton that showed their interested in the young Argentinian driver. They were planning to offer him a test contact.

In November and December 1997 he tested intensively with the Minardi M197 at Fiorano to get used to Formula One cars as he would join Shinji Nakano in 1998 as teammate. In 1998 Tuero showed his raw talent in the Minardi. Showing some great results, he finished as 8th during the Grand Prix at San Marino. Minardi was keen to contact Tuero. It was in fact happening however Tuero just left he Formula One. A test was scheduled in January 1999 with the Minardi M01 but obviously never happened.

Fabio Babini(I) – (T)
Active year: 1991

Fabio has a long career in the Autosport racing since 1988 he is still competitive racing in the GT CUP Open Europe. In the late 80s and early 90s he was racing in the Formula 3. In early March 1991 Babini would test with the Minardi M190 at Aeroporto di Cervia-Pisignano.

Fabrizio Barbazza(I) – (D)
Active year: 1993
Fabrizio Barbazza debuted in 1983 in the Italian Formula 3 championship where he would stay a couple of seasons before he switched to the American Racing Series in 1986, similar to Indycars, in his first year he won four races and won the championship. He also drove one Formula Vee race. For 1987 he would race in the Indycars for Arciero Racing. In 1988 Fabrizio returned to Europe where he would race in the International F3000 championship and he signed also a contract with EuroBrun as their testdriver.

For 1989 he returned to America to race in the Indycar series as well he drove a couple of races in the Formula Nippon. In 1991 Barbazza made his debut in the Formula One as driver for the AGS team. All the races he attempted with the AGS he failed to qualify the car, it was not his talent it was purely the team. Two years later he got another chance in the Formula One when he signed a contract to be one of Minardi’s drivers. During the European Grand Prix and the San Marino Grand prix Barbazza scored twice a point to finish 6th. After the French Grand Prix he was replaced.

Fabrizio del Monte(I) – (T)
Active year: 2003

Fabrizio made his debut in the single-seater series in 2000 when he drove in the Renault 2.0 series. Having some podium finishes he moved in 2001 to the German Formula 3 championship where he races for Team Ghinzani. Scoring only one point he moved in 2002 to Euroseries 3000 scoring no points in 2003 it went better. Winning one race he finished 2nd in the championship standings. The same year he was invited by Minardi during a youngsters test to try out the Minardi PS03.

He tested the 10th of November 2003 at Vallelunga with the Minardi PS03, when he went on the track the circuit was damp and wet which did not make it easier for him to test with the car. He completed 22 laps with a best time of 1:15,12 which was 3 seconds slower then Lopez his time.
In late 2005 he tested for the Jordan Grand Prix team only to become a test driver for Midland in 2006. He appeared as third driver during he 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix.  

Fernando Alonso(ES)-(T)(D)(X2)
Active years: 1999 – 2001
On the current grid (2023) Fernando Alonso is the only driver left that had it’s first taste with the Formula One in the last millennium. In 1999 Alonso made it’s debut in the Euro Open by Nissan series which he manage to win. Because of this result he was invited by Minardi to test for the team later in the year. The team was still looking for a driver to pair Marc Gené in 2000. Between 13 and 15 December 1999 Minardi held a youngsters test at Jerez. Besides Alonso also Max Wilson, Norberto Fontana, Giorgio Vinella, Peter Sundberg were present for the test. Fernando did a decent job, when he tested the track was wet and every now and then it rained.  

In 2000 Alonso moved to the International Formula 3000 series racing for Team Astromega. That same year in May Minardi announced that they contract Fernando Alonso to test for the team, the same time Alonso was also Benetton’s test driver that season. Fernando Alonso tested the M02 at least at Fiorano twice. The 9th of February 2001 Paul Stoddart announced that Fernando Alonso was contracted as one of the teams drivers for 2001. If you recall how Minardi was saved by Paul Stoddart it is a wonder what Fernando Alonso could do with the Minardi PS01 which was only build in a few weeks. It went only a better with the improved Minardi PS01B.

Besides racing, Fernando Alonso drove also a couple of times with the Minardi 2-seater during Minardi events. The first time was the 21st of August 2001 during the Thunder in the Park festival at Donington. During race his passenger was Louise Goodman.

Franck Montagny(FR) – (T)
Active year: 2002

After winning the Formula Renault Campus in 1993 Franck struggled a bit with his career. Racing in the French and British Formula 3 in 1997. In 1998 he had his breakthrough in the Formula 3 finishing second in the championship with 10 wins. Like many drivers in their career he moved in 1999 to the International Formula 3000 series which he basically failed in. In 2000 he would race there again with DAMS only scoring a handful of points. Moving in 2001 to the Open Telefónica by Nissan was a smart move as he won the series in his debut year.

In January 2002 Montagny was to test for the Minardi team at Valencia, however due to an operation he had to undergo the test did not happen. It did not mean that he would not test at all for the team. The 26th of November 2002 Montagny eventually tested for Minardi at Valencia. He tested the Minardi PS01B fitted with the 2002 livery. His best time was a 1.17,043. Eventually he would become Renault’s test driver in 2004 and 2005 to debut as F1 driver for Super Aguri.

Franco Scapini(I) – (T)
Active year: 1987

By the older readers Scapini is perhaps known for his more aggressive way of driving on the track. Probably most of us known him for his test drive with the Life F190 back in 1990. However, Scapini has a huge career behind him with many successes. In the early 1980s he drove with success in the Italian Formula 3. In 1987 he drove for three teams in the Italian Formula 3 before he would test for the Minardi team in 1987. He tested with the Minardi M187 at least once. After his Minardi test he tried his luck in America, without real success. Before he became Life’s test driver in 1990.