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More than 24 Formula One races? No thank you!

Liberty Media is since a couple of years the new owner of the Formula One. If you ask me, it was a deal to be doomed, though that is another story. Bernie sold the Formula One to them. All Liberty want’s is to make more money. As i wrote a will back. How so you make more money in this case? By adding more races to the calendar. It seems
Chase Carey
Dutch Unraced Blog

Chase Carey: it’s all about the money

Een paar dagen geleden had Liberty Media haar jaarlijkse bijeenkomst. Hier sprak Chase Carey de waarschuwing maar weer eens uit dat slecht presterende Grand Prix’s, dus races waar niet of nauwelijks aan verdiend wordt zomaar van de kalender kunnen verdwijnen. Of het circuit nu van Historische waarde is of niet.  Beter gezegd als je niet genoeg opbrengt wordt je gedumpt. Ik had een paar dagen nodig om het bericht van
Paul Stoddart
Blog Minardi

Paul Stoddart brings the Minardi 2-seaters back

Today I got a very big smile on my face, I received some news that since the Spanish Grand Prix the Minardi 2-seaters from Paul Stoddart will do some racing during the Grand Prix weekends to entertain the regular Formula One fan and allow him or her to experience the speed of a Formula One car with a V10 in it’s back.  Zsolt Baumgartner and Patrick Friesacher , both former
Bernie Ecclestone

Goodbye Bernie Ecclestone, you will be missed.

Dear Bernie Ecclestone,  this blog is dedicated to you. A person who has been working in the Formula One for more than 60 years, 6 decades of Bernie in the Formula One WOW how did you do that Bernie ? You tried to qualify yourself for the Monaco Grand Prix in 1958, before you started to be a manager for drivers. To end up as a team boss and later