Formula One

More than 24 Formula One races? No thank you!


Liberty Media is since a couple of years the new owner of the Formula One. If you ask me, it was a deal to be doomed, though that is another story. Bernie sold the Formula One to them. All Liberty want’s is to make more money. As i wrote a will back. How so you make more money in this case? By adding more races to the calendar. It seems they are ready to introduce more tripleheaders during the season with two of them in 2021. Be honest we don’t need that much races.

Yes, this is an endless discussion between fans. There is of course no better feeling than turning on your television on a Saturday afternoon around 13:00 to watch the qualifying session. There is no better thrill than watch the race on Sunday with friends while enjoying some beers and snacks. However, do you really want to do this 24 times or more a year? Are you willing to give up your life?

Why I’m asking this is pretty simple. I spoke with a few fans recently and they told me they would love to see the calendar expand even more up to 30 races a season. I came near a Panic Attack when I heard this from them. They didn’t really answer my question when asking why they would like to see up to 30 races a season.  It was more like “the more races, the better” I totally disagree with this.

Foremost it can’t be healthy for the people that work in the Formula One to be away for more than 25 weeks a year. Keep in mind there will be more triple headers. Which means a period of three weeks constant working for many of those who work in the Formula One. It is unhealthy to stay away this long from your family and friends. All you do is building up, tearing down and travel. Would you do it? Most of you probably work 32 hours a week..

Second of all, don’t you have a life yourself? If you’re not having an illness that takes a lot of energy, which I can understand you hold on things as F1, why would you give up your free weekends for 20 cars racing on a track the same rounds over and over again? This is of course a plain vision, though it’s basically motorsport in a nutshell. There has to be more than this.

Sharing my opinion, I believe a calendar with 18 races, up to a maximum of 20 races would be perfect for Formula One. I don’t have the time to watch all the races, not even in 2020 with covid-19. Though covid-19 or not I don’t have the time for it. Perhaps im not even willing to spent all my free time watch Formula One races.  Sure I understand the financial look at this circus, still it can’t be right to want more races. I believe Liberty wants over 25 races a season..

I believe my vision would be good for the Formula One. Why not having a calendar with 18 races, and have several races switching each year to keep the calendar interesting. Besides that, why don’t they revive the non-championship races in the Formula One? It would be a good case for the young drivers to get experienced. As well give the thirth drivers and test drivers the opportunity to race as well.