Unraced projects of the 1985 season

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As there are over 650 Unraced F1 projects from the period 1885 – 2020 I decided before to publish articles of Unraced projects per year. This is easier for you to see which attempts happened a specific year. Of course, it is easier for me as well as researching and writing an article takes a lot of time, which I don’t always have.  If you are interested in one of the summarized attempts perhaps, I can give you more info about it.This is the summarized overview of the Unraced projects in 1985.

Audi Formula One Team
Audi in the Formula One? Yes, it is a rumour that has been in the Formula One since the company exists. However, in 1985 it seems Audi was close to enter the Formula One as constructor. On the front page of Motoring News an Audi F1 car powered by a, assumable, 5-cylinder Audi turbo engine was revealed. If you cover, the front page of any magazine it has to be big news isn’t it?  Was it Audi willing to enter the Formula One as a team? Only as an engine supplier? Who knows.

Sadly, I cannot give that info right now. There seems to be almost none information existing about the project in 1985. I tried to contact Audi, though never received any response from them.  Nor am I aware of the information given in the story in MotoringNews as it seems impossible to find the edition.

Ferrari 126C4-M2
The Ferrari 126C4-M2 was the development version of the 126C4. The car Scuderia Ferrari used in 1984 and finished second with in the constructors championship. On the 14th of March 1985 the 126C4-M2 made its debut at Fiorano. Johnny Dumfries tested with the car. Ferrari used the car to test some aerodynamics on the car. It clearly showed the 156/85 lines already. For now, i have no more information about the car.

In 1985 rumours appeared of a comeback from Team Penske in the Formula One. The team was active in the Formula One from 1971 up to 1977 both as team and constructor. Alan Jenkins left McLaren for Penske in 1985. That’s where the rumours started. Was this a serious rumour? I can’t answer that question. Heinz Prüller mentioned it as well. So far, I was not able to uncover more information about Penske’s F1 plans in 1985.