Ladies and Gentleman you may smoke your cigar!


I smoke cigars, you smoke cigars, we smoke cigars. There is a reason of course you are reading this post. For a fact, not many humans on this planet will ever smoke a cigar. I recently discovered that only 5% of the 7 billion people on earth would ever smoke one. Only a small group of people will experience the enjoyment of cigars. You have to be able to imagine sitting in a good chair, lighting your cigar while nipping your cigar and reading some good book or listen to some good music.

To be honest the intro is wrong, something like a cigar you don’t experience it’s something that will come towards you. Speaking for myself my first cigar was after losing 40 kilos six years ago. It only was last year I started to smoke on regular base cigars just because I felt happy, and it seems I’m one of the few that enjoys life. Has to be said, I enjoy it my way not how someone else would. It is why most cigarette smokers will never smoke cigars. I have to be fair smoking cigars is something that happened for centuries in my family.

The smell, the taste, the feeling the cheddar wood you use to light up your cigar. It is just part of the joy you will receive from smoking cigars. It already starts when you open your humidor at home. Slowly opening it allows the smell to fill the room equally. As well, the excitement when opening the humidor give you Goosebumps. Well it does to me every time again. The stimulus makes me needing ten minutes to choose what cigar I want to smoke. My thoughts are in another world, it’s something I’m unable to explain. You have to experience it yourself.  

The moment you choose the perfect cigar for the moment, it is time to make yourself some good coffee and definitely don’t forget to pour yourself some good Cognac. It is not necessarily need to be cognac any other alcoholic beverage you like is suitable for it. Be sure you are sitting in a comfortable chair, because you won’t leave that chair for the next two hours. Have a nip from your cognac; cut gently with love your cigar, light your cigar with some cheddar wood. A lighter is good as well.  When the top of your cigar is turning grey, it is time to sit back and relax.

To make the experience even better get a good book, not a silly easily readable book. No a book that allows you to bring your thoughts again to another world. Alternatively, even better turn on some lovely music to bring you to your ultimate Zen level. Turn on some Mozart or Bach, I would recommend the once Herbert von Karajan was the conductor for. It is time to smoke your cigar, forget all your struggles, clear your mind and most of all start enjoying life to it’s fullest.

Don’t worry the reaction from others, people will always tell you that smoking is bad and innocent will die from it. Let me tell you, don’t care. The perfect response is of course I enjoy life to its fullest I don’t encounter stress. Maybe you should try a cigar yourself. Here have one. Mostly people who smoke cigarettes will tell you smoking cigars is horrible, it’s a terrible smell and you should be leaving. Let me tell you a secret. The average cigarette smoker experiences stress. The only reason they smoke cigarettes is the stress. On the other hand, cigar smokers, they smoke to enjoy life.

Before I complete my love letter to the cigar I will share my own quote with you; “Dare to be yourself, dare to enjoy life, dare to believe, become a cigar smoker!” To use Winston Churchill saying; “Smoking cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out!”