Formula Won

US Formula won Series; The Forgotten American F1 series

Forgotten racing series Unraced Series

The cars that the organisation had for hire, with wrong information, were the Footwork FA12 written as the Arrows A12 from Michele Alboreto. Footwork FA17 from 1996, however this was written as the Arrows A14 from Jos Verstappen. The Arrows A16 from Fittipaldi, which has to be the Footwork FA15. And the Arrows A18 from Damon Hill.

Did the series ever race? What I did figure out is that at least there has been raced or tested once with the series. The Formula Won series was also announced during an expo at the 2001 Grand Prix of Long Beach. They presented one of the Footwork FA12s fitted with their logo. There are also some photos of helmets fitted with the logo and the website. Sadly, I was unable to uncover more about Formula Won. It seems that they briefly existed through the spring and summer of 2001 only to be forgotten by everyone until today when I saw an advertisement. The idea

interestingly around the same time Alex Salarzar purchased the Reynard CART Chassis to create the Ecuadorian version of CART. This championship was named Formula Hunter. A series that didn’t make it either properly. Story is covered by OtroLadoBlog.