Formula One

The definition of a Formula One fan?


Is there a way to define the meaning of a Formula One fan? This question is wandering around in my mind for years, and every now and then, it appears back. Unable to answer this question myself i dedicate this blog about it. Because I believe there   are some issues with people who call them selves “fans” and people who call themselves “fans” as well. Am I myself a Formula One fan?

Yes, I am a fan, but I am not the dedicated fan I used to be about Formula One.  I’m not a fan of the “green” nonsense going on in the Formula One currently. The Formula One should be about pure racing, overtaking, taking risks, get the maximum out of the car, and use every race a new engine. I’m even one of the supporters to bring the qualification engines back in the Formula One, as well the T-car. I’m not a fan either of the drivers these days who seem to be over reacting about anything happening on the track or besides the track. Why?

Saying this to people on the streets, I’m in instant conflict with my own generation who will tell me F1 should be green and move towards electric racing. I won’t go further in this as my political mind will appear and this blog will be to big to handle for the most.  I’m just against electric racing, I don’t believe in the concept.  As well the fact I like to see the drivers taking the risk I’ve been told I’m insane and want to see drivers crash.  Yes I like to see the drivers taking risks, going over the edge, and perhaps crash. Isn’t that what we all want? Pure racing…

So, to get back to the question when are you a Formula One fan?  Recent years, moreover in The Netherlands, many people say they are Formula one fans. Because Max Verstappen entered the grid, and did, what his father could not accomplish, win races and fight for the championship. You could say he is Jos Verstappen 2.0.  I believe these people are fans as well, as the interest in Formula One currently is peaking over here. Only the question is, are they still fan when Max Verstappen retires or if he ends up scoring only a few points in a season?

You have also fans who watch F1 for decades even if there are only 20 drivers on the grid, instead of the 40+ in some seasons. Are they true fans? Yes, I believe as well they are true fans, only in a different way. It is more the old school fan who watch the races with passion, or who a fan is from let’s say Ferrari for decades. Those fans, who will scream, cry, celebrate, yell, and be happy after every race.

So is it possible to define the Formula One fan? I believe there are several groups of Formula One fans. However it is up to you to define it… or not of course!