The old rumour mill; Verstappen to Jaguar ?

Old Rumour Mill

Welcome to the sixth episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One. A special blog dedicated to the old rumours of Formula One. Many rumours appeared during the years. Some were just silly “Alain Prost to move to Benetton in 1992”. Others were just amazing to read “Pedro Diniz to move to Ferrari in 2000”. Every month a new episode of the Old Rumour Mill of Formula One will be published on the website!

Jos Verstappen close to sign the deal with Jaguar (2003)
In Late 2003 Jos Verstappen was hot business in the Formula One as one of the more experienced drivers available for a drive in 2004 and beyond. It is know that Verstappen was in negotiations with the Minardi team, Jordan, Sauber and Jaguar for a seat in 2004.  It is said that Jaguar contact the sponsors of Verstappen (Trust, Muermans, and Wilux) for the deal to take place. If the sponsors paid several millions Verstappen would drive for Jaguar in 2004. Sadly, It didn’t happen. However, Verstappen came close to drive for the Jordan team, even fitting the seat, and having Michel Perridon of Trust negotiating with Eddie Jordan.

Honda to abandon their team plans (1999)
With the dead of Harvey Postlethwaite Honda was not intended to make their debut in 2000 with their own team in the Formula One. Instead, as rumoured already previously, the team was overlooking the possibilities to supply customer and works units to team on the grid per 2000. It was said that Jordan and BAR were interested to be supplied with Honda engines in 2000.

Alain Prost’s his three year plan (1998)
Prost Grand Prix was a relative new team in the Formula One, not truly new as they took over the Ligier equipe. Alain Prost announced their three years plan that would bring the Prost GP cars on the podium, in 1999, let them win races in 2000, and made their team the World Champion in 2001. Prost came with the announcement after the team didn’t perform reasonable enough during the season due multiple issues. The car was looking for one Sec in the qualification session, and the race trim wasn’t great either.

Formula One will return to South Africa (1999)
Selwyn Nathan, the boss of the Kyalami circuit, was heading towards Europe for a meeting with Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone to discuss the return of the South African Grand Prix in 2000 or 2001. The rumour stated that one of the Grand Prix’s was already on the list to be ditched for the season to come.  The race was already on standby for 1999.