Formula 1; what does the future hold?


Currently the Formula One is in one of its most difficult era’s since the first official Grand Prix held in 1950. The Hybrid Turbo era is a lost decade if you ask me. However, in a few years, the news rules will be implemented in the Formula One and we will probably see a complete new Formula One.  Won’t we? What do we really want for the future of Formula One? Closed cockpits, powered by batteries with a strange sound? Or do we want to see V10’s with brutal sounds, and full of action. Whatever you prefer we can only guess how the future will be for our beloved sport.

So far, the current season is a good one, with Ferrari coming close to beating the German silberpfeilen. With an insane, close midfield for some old school close racing. However, for now it seems Mercedes will win the Championship for constructors and probably they will deliver also this year the driver for the Championship. For the coming years the FIA will come with new rules for the Formula One most of all to give the fans of Formula One a better experience and view of the Formula One, but will they be able to do so?

During the first years in the new millennium Michael Schumacher and Ferrari where the golden combination to defeat. Fans starts to complain about the domination of Scuderia Ferrari and Michael Schumacher and the FIA came up with ideas for the future of Formula One to increase the overtaking on the track. So the sport would become more interesting for the fans. But haven’t we seen all decades teams who were dominating several years? The idea was the CDG wing (Centreline Downwash Generating). It’s a split rear wing, above every wheel there should be a wing, you can compare it with the Tyrrell X-wings only bigger and looking ever worse. The idea was to introduce this rear wing in 2008. The teams even agreed with the CDG idea, but in the end the teams rejected the idea. Instead of these wings we got F1 cars without barge boards, and some stupid tool called DRS.

This was one of the idea’s to improve the cars for more fun on the track. Do you remember the idea to have a similar set up as A1GP had with a sprint race on Saturday and the main race on the Sunday? Some more ideas the Formulae one came where sprinklers next to the track which would be turned on randomly in the race so you basically would have a wet race while it was 40 degrees outside. Back in the 80s when Mclaren was dominating the Formula One the idea was to give the winning driver an extra Pit Stop, indeed a punishment for winning a race. Moreover, there are plenty of example how they tried to improve the Formula One.

The future for the Formula One now is one i don’t like to see. To start with, the annoying Halo, which people say, would provoke the accident with Massa in 2009. Believe me a small spring is no deal for a Halo, the spring can easily hit the driver. In addition, if objects hit the Halo what will happen, the energy of the object does not get slow down it only changes its directory and if it hits the halo, it can even accelerate. Therefore the view of the driver seems to be negative. I tried it myself with F1 Challenge and you do not see that much in the middle. People are pushing on safety but they do not seem to understand, the more you push, the worse an accident will be when it happens.

A positive movement for Formula One’s future is the idea to bring more engine builders to the Formula One. One of the names that’s circulating is the name of Cosworth, one of the best known engine builders in the Formula One. And how about Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Nissan and Toyota who got rumoured. It would make the Formula One more interesting, and it would open the doors to the Formula One for new teams. Why? The more engine suppliers there are active in the Formula One the cheaper, well it should be of course, the engines will be.

What I would see for the future are more teams, a competitive engine like a V10 and give it the hybrid functions, and stop with the bullshit that teams can only an X amount of engines and an x amount of tyres every year. If you get rid of these rules, teams will stop with their tyre management and their engine management. It will improve the Formula One’s attraction to the fans.