Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 3


Groeten uit Zandvoort! Today was the last day of the Historic Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort. Again the weather was great, 24 degrees, sun and a cool Seabreeze. There were slightly more people on the circuit today then yesterday. Though what you could see is that everyone was enjoying themselves all day long. The perfect end of an amazing weekend it was.

When we went for our breakfast i encountered an older gentlemen who stayed also in the hotel. He told me that he was invited by the Jaguar group to join their parade. He was the owner of a special Jaguar which only 100 were made. It had to be the sign of a what will become an amazing day in Zandvoort.

We took the train around 09:30 and arrived around 09:45 in Zandvoort. Arriving at the circuit we decided to take it easy today as we walked lots and lots the two days previous. First we went to the paddock to make some more photos and to watch the Gentleman drivers race from the top of the pits complex.

Eventually we went back to the Force stage as there was a meeting happening. Today, after all those years, I met the former voice of the Zandvoort Circuit! As we are friends for years on facebook, and he helped me out with information on regular base, it was time for the meeting! We heard several anecdotes from him. He used to be the voice of the circuit for over 35years! The best one was about Jos Verstappen, I might share this one with you soon.

After we had some talks we went onwards, when going to the 60s F1 cars I saw Arturo Merzario! As said in the post from yesterday I wanted to speak to him. We spoke with each other about his Formula One team and about his F1 career. Sadly, his English isn’t that good so next time I will bring a translator with me. Eventually he was so kind to sign my Minardi cap!  What a legend and hero Little Art is!

We watched most of the program from the tribune. The sound of the Force demonstration, the Formula one race and the 60s Formula One race were awesome. It’s the kind of sound you can get deaf off, though you wouldn’t mind! Eventually we decided to skip the Formula Maxx race as there were only 3 cars left, we didn’t felt the need to watch the race. Eventually we went home.

It was a truly amazing weekend, where we met a lot of the faces from Twitter and so on. Made a couple of friends, enjoyed a couple of beers and more of all the weekend was perfect!