Groeten uit Zandvoort Day 2


Groeten uit Zandvoort! Today was the second day of the Historic Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort. The weather was nice, there were a lot of fans, and the atmosphere was great. All an all it was the perfect day for another day with historical autosport. Standard during the historical weekend there was a parade with several cars through the centre of Zandvoort. Something i do appreciate a lot.

After a great breakfast in the hotel we took the train to Zandvoort aan Zee. When we arrived we were told that our blue straps we received yesterday could be taken off. As today they decided to scan all the tickets again. Don’t as me why they choose for this. They scanned our tickets again and we went straight to the paddock.

As said the weather was perfect today, it was sunny, and there was a smooth breeze from the sea. All the triggers to put on some sunscreen. Still I got a bit burned as I was too busy with enjoying the sounds, smells and atmosphere that was there on the circuit.

When we arrived at the paddock my friend and I asked ourselves where are the stands with merchandise? As that is something we really miss this weekend. I mean, what is better to look through some (old)merchandise to add to your collection? Neither were there other stands to be found what is a bummer if you ask me. I truly hope they will bring these back in 2023. We need them!

As there were more fans on the circuit it became more or less impossible to enter the garages from the teams. Something we understand, and that’s basically why the Friday is the best day to visit this weekend. Well, if you like to come close to the cars and be able to touch them. Still the atmosphere was great, it was even better if you ask me. I met also a lot of the twitter crowd, finally I met some of them! Had been too long if you ask me. What a lovely bunch of people. Like me in love with the historical part of autosport.

Believe it or not, on the circuit of Zandvoort the Forti FG03, powered by the Judd now, made it to the track and was even able to enter the demonstration ride. It was really a bless to see the car able to drive between the Zandvoort dunes. As well the McLaren M29 joined them! The team from Force who keep the cars driveable really do a marvellous job!

It was only sad to see the Formula Maxx which only appeared with six cars on the grid today. When they finished their race, only three cars were left and I’m really questioning if they arrive tomorrow with 6 cars. We were told that only a quarter of the normal starting field was in Zandvoort. I prefer to see the Boss GP instead to be honest.

Anyway, to see the Tyrrell P34 in race mode chasing other cars of his era was special to see. It’s just incredible they were able to build the car from the blueprints and have it race ready! I mean not many would do that.

Eventually we went to the city to get some pizza and enjoy the hospitality. Before we decided to go to a beach club and enjoy some Sol beers before we would go to the parade of historical cars going through the streets of Zandvoort.

It was an amazing day! Can’t wait for tomorrow to see again all those historical beauties in the track. The place all of them should be. Sadly it will be the last day, however so far it has been an amazing and well deserved weekend! I hope I can speak with Arturo tomorrow to discuss his F1 cars and the chassis of it.