How about non-championship races for youngsters?


Who remembers the non-championship races from the past? When unknown and youngsters could experience the Formula One without the pressure to perform on your top and scoring points. Wouldn’t be much better to organise a couple of non-championship races for the young and talented, perhaps only wealthy, drivers? I mean if you look at the grid right now with just ten teams filled with a field of drivers that mostly have a long-ish term contract.

I may have written a similar article about the rebirth of the non-championship races from the past. However, if we see that the teams in the Formula One have all these talents in their driver academies it is sad they can’t race. What would work better than let the race in non-championship races? You can may call the races youngsters F1 series or similar.

Drivers like Robert Shwartzman, Jack Doohan, Dennis Hauger and so on are standing on the side-line with no expectations to enter the Formula One soon. At some point the teams will continue their development programs and attract new and younger talents. Which can results in “talents” missing the Formula One boat.

In my opinion, it would make sense to give the youngsters this opportunity to gain experience in race trim. Sure many of them do test every now and then and are probably doing a lot on the simulators. Still it is not the same. The championship doesn’t have to be that big. About eight races per season with the current F1 teams using two or three cars. Perhaps teams as ART could debut as well then as F1 team.

It would be a good idea to add the test drivers at the line-up. Most of the time they only do some simulation work and rarely test a real Formula One car. On the other hand the Formula One is all about drivers. Perhaps adding “pay-drivers” who just lack the talent to reach the F1 though have the money is a plan. In the end, it’s all about the money!