Weekly column 6: Just some thoughts about the F1


Yep the last weekly column was months ago! Therefore, it is time for a new weekly column. This one is just to share some random thoughts about the F1 these days and the past. There is so much going on at the moment and it seems for the fans harder to understand everything. If it isn’t about the hopping by the FIA it is the teams and the drivers that are hopping around.

Probably the worst intro ever written for a column, though the stupid program I use forces me to write some sort of intro. Anyway I would like to, what I believe, talk about the toxic relations between several F1 fans. I’m one of those fans who started watching F1 in the early 1990s as a child already. Yes, I was a massive Jos Verstappen and Michael Schumacher fan back in the days. However, I can not recall the aggression between fans which we see today in the F1. Where does it come from? Why is it happening?

I said it before on Twitter and some of you got mad about it. Drive to survive seems to be very popular under the younger and newer F1 fans. I tried to watch an episode and my first reaction was this is not the reality of Formula One. Now I do understand that series like on Netflix are very popular under people. On the other hand, Netflix is nothing more than a legal form of drugs. I never understood why people can watch all weekend long series.. Perhaps that is something I will never understand.

Anyway the reality in the F1 is far from what is shown in Drive to survive on Netflix. Maybe you reach people with it though the affect will be on the long-term negative for the sport if you ask me. Then of course, you have the Verstappen and Hamilton fans who are bitching on each other on social media. Fighting each other and showing zero respect to each other nor the sport. Both Max and Lewis are playing a role in it as well. It seems they don’t care or just ignore the toxic relation between their fan base.

Something else I was recently re-exploring the 2003 and 2004 season. My gosh what were those seasons amazing to watch. I felt the same trills as back then. Watching the Minardi and Jordan team fighting to survive in the F1. All those shady sponsors and weird deals that were made with drivers. What do I miss these days. The Trust and Jordan saga that was going on because Jos the Boss was to drive for the team. How about the shattered sponsor deal between Wilux and the Minardi team? Of course we all remember Stayer in 2003 that wasn’t a stayer at all.