Eric Broadley

Eric Broadley and the bad choice for Mastercard

Yes the title seems to tell this is a article written by an critical Formula One journalist with a different view on what happened with the Lola Mastercard Formula one Team in 1997. The team went bankrupt after the Brazilian Grand Prix, where the T97/30 stayed in the pit box. Eric Broadley knew it was too early to enter the Formula One, but he had no other option to deploy
Gameshop Haarlem
Blog Gaming

Gameshop Haarlem, de plek voor retro gamers

Als je terecht bent gekomen op deze blog post dan was je op Google waarschijnlijk opzoek naar Retro Gaming of Retro Game winkels of dergelijke.  Je zal net als mij vast en zeker een verstokte retro gamer of verzamelaar zijn die zijn collectie wil uit bereiden en wil vergroten met meer consoles en met meer games en accessoires.  En wat is er nou leuker om je retro consoles en games

Manchester hosted the first car race in 1867

Many of us know that the first car race was held on 22nd July 1894, the race was from Paris to Rouen and it was organized by the Parisian magazine Le Petit Journal. Over 100 competitors applied for the race and following it, many more races would follow during the first few years of motor sport up until the turn of the century. However evidence suggests that this wasn’t in
Bernie Ecclestone

Goodbye Bernie Ecclestone, you will be missed.

Dear Bernie Ecclestone,  this blog is dedicated to you. A person who has been working in the Formula One for more than 60 years, 6 decades of Bernie in the Formula One WOW how did you do that Bernie ? You tried to qualify yourself for the Monaco Grand Prix in 1958, before you started to be a manager for drivers. To end up as a team boss and later