Goodbye, my love, Goodbye Formula One


Goodbye my love, Goodbye, Goodbye, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye and au revoir my love. Demis Roussos sang it in 1973, after today’s race at Singapore it seems I have to sing it as well. What has happened with the sport I used to love so much, what happened many like me are on the point to say Goodbye my love?

The last seasons, basically since 2009, the Formula One isn’t that competitive anymore as it used to be. All the races turned into parades of cars that are too expensive to actually race with on a track. Drive are not allowed to drive to hard, and are not allowed to race, circuits are designed by Tilke, why don’t you retire yet, with in the back of the mind the idea that drivers can’t damage anything.

This type of columns are purely to out speak my frustration as Formula one fan, the same frustrations I hear from many fans like me. I have the tool to express the frustrations. What went wrong with Formula One? Everything went wrong I guess. Remember years ago when people yelled the domination of Michael Schumacher and Scuderia Ferrari destroyed the sport?  Mercedes and Hamilton are doing the same, though you cannot blame them for this.

It went wrong when some oil sheiks in the middle east started to cry that Max Mosley had some great nights with a couple of prostitutes. I remember clearly those sheiks cried like babies they don’t want to be seen with Mosley anymore. What wrong with visiting prostitutes? Many people do it, and yes, even they do. Max Mosley’s successor was French Napoleon Jean Todt who failed instantly. His services in the Dakar and Formula One as team boss were marvellous.  As head of the FIA he is rubbish as hell.  Please retire as well!

The announcement of one tyre supplier, Pirelli, wasn’t good for the sport as well. Formula one’s image was already damaged and it became only worse from this point. Introduced restrictions on the use of engines as example. I prefer to see the teams using one engine per race not 3 or 4 engine in a year. Mark my words, in four years they will drive only with one engine per season! Marking it is good for the environment is rubbish of course. Of course, the introduction of the Hybrid V6 Turbo engines, the stop of refuelling during the race and the introduction of DRS pointed the downwards spiral the Formula One entered.

What really bothers me since years is the, seems, limited allowance for drivers to actually race with the cars on the tracks. They are only busy with Tyre management, Fuel management, Brake management and you name it. What happened with the instinct of the drivers to fight for the points? Sure reward the top 10 drivers with points is not working, not to forget they want to award all drivers with points. The races became only a parade the last years entered by cars that are too expensive to race.

Another huge mistake the FIA and Formula one made is the fact that teams can’t test their cars during the season, and are limited to two or three, it’s how you see it, test sessions a year. This means that young talent has no opportunity to show their potential in the car.  The rookie test actually doesn’t bring anything.

Bernie Ecclestone… it is such a big miss he left the Formula One, oke he is still on the payroll of Liberty Media, though Bernie left the building. Liberty Media came and actually is forming the Formula One to some American show no one is looking for. Probably I don’t understand the logic that the sport has to become some American show.

The Formula One won’t turn back to its good old days that’s why I will sing it once again. Goodbye my love, Goodbye, Goodbye, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye and au revoir my love. Goodbye Formula One thanks for the many amazing and joyful season. Goodbye Formula One you will be missed. Goodbye Formula One we still have the past we will get our joy from . Goodbye my love, Goodbye, Goodbye, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye and au revoir my love.