Unraced Formula One Series © Unknown

The Unraced Formula One series


Last night I was with a friend of mine at the bar, having a couple of beers and celebrate 11 years of a good friendship. The number 11 is in my region the crazy number. However, we discussed the current status the Formula One is situated in, and we both agreed that Liberty Media is good in destroying the sport. If you think you improve the action on the track with a new hipster logo and a flip-flop protection shield… well I quickly told my ultimate F1 dream. The Unraced Formula One series.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have something like an Unraced Formula One series as alternative for the currently rubbish Formula One? A grid full with teams and projects that never made it on the grid before, but now will.  A brand new series that did not have the so-called DRS or some fancy KERS system so you have some extra “boost”, just pure racing without the help of any fancy system because current drivers cannot overtake without it.  I am serious I lost a lot of trust and interest in the Formula One since Liberty Media bought the F1. The show, which they speak about, becomes too fancy if you ask me. I do not need a new logo nor anything that does not improve at all.

Probably people will ask me what kind of drugs I take if they have read this blog about the Unraced Formula One series. However, if you did read some of the stories that I published on UnracedF1 you probably recognized that the people behind the projects got lead by pure passion. Of course, some teams only did it to get rid of their dirty money.  If you take a project as the GLAS F1 team or the Lotus B team from 1979, to give some examples, you would only wish to see them appear on the grid.

Where the current Formula One seems to forget the traditional Grand Prix, the Unraced Formula One series would only drive on traditional tracks. Why? Easy, because of the atmosphere and the history that surrounds them.  Which tracks, well how about these:
Zandvoort, Imola, Silverstone, Hockenheim, Monza, Paul Richard, Brands, Nürburgring, Barcelona, Jerez, Kyalami, Spa, Magny-Cours, Fuji and so on. Tracks with a lovely motorsport history. Not the new silly tracks by Tilke.

How about the setup for a Grand Prix Weekend? Well my first idea was to held free practice, qualifications and races per Era. Therefore, you will have the Unraced Pre-war era, which holds the period 1880 until 1945. Then you will have the Post war era, which held the years 1945 until 1949. The rest of the era’s will be the 1950s, 1960s and so on, the championship would be massive. To give you an idea, so far I have information over at least 500 unraced projects.  It would mean at least 30 cars or teams per decade. Just to give you an impression, below are two decades with the teams that would drive. 


Matra MS112 Ganley-Cosworth 001 McGuire BM1 Tiga
Khadi 10 Hill-Cosworth GH2 Brabham BT46C BRM 230
Brabham-Weslake BT39 Maki-Cosworth F101C March 781S BS – Cosworth
Ferrari 312B3 Spazzaneve Matra MS X Mclaren M26E Chevron BT41
Rondel-Cosworth RJ42 Alpine-Renault A500 Mclaren M27 Dywa – Cosworth 08
Madi-001 Surtees TS18 Marinho – Cosworth Ferrari 312T4A
Safir RJ01 Apollon Veridge-Cosworth Ferrari telecambio
Tecno E731 Ferrari 312 T2 Berta – Cosworth Lotus B Team
Bizzarrini – Cosworth Ferrari 312 T6 Colombo 1175 Mclaren M29C
Hawke-Cosworth March Cosworth 2-4-0 Dome – Hamy Surtees-Cosworth TS21


Brabham-Yamaha BT58Y Fondmetal FA1M-E Trebron – Judd Larrousse – Ford LH95
Coloni-Subaru C3B GLAS-Lamborghini Brabham – Galmer Lotus 112
Coloni-Subaru C3C Jordan 911 Bravo-Judd S931 Lola T95/30
Life F190 Lotus-Isuzu 102C Dhainault-Hart Partner F1
Zakspeed-Yamaha 891B Monteverdi ORE2 Fondmetal F1 Team Pro Drive
AGS-Ford JH25B Andrea Moda C4B March Ilmor CG911C Space
AGS-Ford JH26 Brabham-Yamaha BT61Y Toms Grandprix Vanwall F1
AGS-Ford JH27 Ligier JS35B-R Ikuzawa HW001 Durango Hart P01
BMW S192 Reynard-Yamaha Williams FW15D Humpuss-Lamborghini
Coloni-Ford C4 McLaren-Lamborghini MP48B DAMS GD-01 Pacific-Judd PR03
Shadow Supernova F1 Team 96 Arrows-Volvo A18 Dome F105
Lola T9730 Williams
Sosprini Grandprix Zaifa Motorsport
Eyckmans Grand Prix Nigeria Lambo Prost AP01-B Proton – Lotus
Stefan Grand Prix Zakspeed Honda RA99 Peugeot F1 Team

As you can see for yourself, the races for the Unraced Formula One series would be spectacular with lots of teams on the grid ready to race. In addition, these are just the 1970s and the 1990s. However also I understand that the Unraced Formula One series cannot become reality. However, it will always be an amazing dream, which can become one-day reality for a racing game of course.